Should I have a hard hat?

This is what it looks like as I approach my office on my walk into work. Dump trucks. Construction crews. Orange cones and barrels. Skid steers.

As I get closer to the West Entrance, this is the view. Backhoes. Construction trailers. Men in hardhats. I walk through there to get to work. Should I have a hard hat?

You can no longer use the North Entrance. It looks like this. If you could use that entrance, you would also be in a construction zone. That portion of the building was blocked off in January and is under renovation.

We haven't been able to use the South Entrance for months because they are putting this building up about 30 feet from the South Entrance - seen here covered in white glassrock. Yup this street is closed both for construction access and for repaving/ new sidewalks. 

In fact, to get a photo of the South Entrance, I had to walk around campus to an accessible entrance for the library and walk up to the third floor to shoot down. There's the South Entrance. The new building is the new Student Experience Center. The construction has a blog here. It is going to be great! 

What about the east Entrance, you say. Well, from the library, it doesn't look so bad...

Until you get close...

It is still accessible. 

You just have to walk a gauntlet to get to it. They are repaving the road and putting in wider sidewalks and adding lampposts to the other side of the street. It is going to be really nice. At the moment, it means a heckuva walk to get to the library. Growing pains are not fun but we can't stay small forever.

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