Yellowstone Park or the Caldera of NW Wyoming

In homage to Rocky and Bullwinkle, this post gets an OR title. I saw Yellowstone Park in late June. It is so beautiful, you forget you are walking around inside the caldera of a 50 mile wide volcano.

I was coming from Bozeman so I entered the North Entrance from Gardiner and stayed at Mammoth Hot Springs in the NW Corner of the park. We started the morning by heading down to Old Faithful to catch on of the first daylight eruptions of the day (7:58 am on the day we were there). After that we worked our way back through the Geyser basins, over to Canyon Village for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone along with lower and upper falls. We went down to the Lake for a late lunch. Last, we worked our way back up to tower junction and around to Mammoth again. I don't know how to talk about everything I saw, so enjoy the photos.

It was a lot to pack in to one day. But it was one amazing day! You feel like you are somewhere between heaven and hell because the views are amazing and the creation is so.. in your face. You can see the hand of God everywhere. However, since you are walking around a hotbed of volcanic activity the place is hot, steamy and smells like sulfur - a reminder that the Earth under your feet is only a temporary home.

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