Catching up

I am in Oregon. I have been so busy roadtrippin' and visitin' that I have fallen down on my blogging duties... So let's get caught up, shall we? Tonight's installment:Wyoming and Utah.

First, Wyoming which I drove most of Sunday. I think I could use less than 20 words to describe Wyoming along I-80: wind turbines, snow fence, tractor trailers, buttes, rocky hills, and yellow fields. Actually, I think the GPS unit pretty much sums it up. Straight for miles... but at 7000ft above sea level.

Actually, I am being harsh. It was really gorgeous in places. See.... this is just a random rest area along the highway. This might be my new desktop background.

Then came Utah...

Oh, Utah. Absolutely gorgeous. I came into Utah thru Bear Lake and up through Logan Canyon (which had a fire while I was there, but I am not brave enough to take pictures while looking up and driving thru a canyon).

And of course, the best part was seeing the Lawver gang. We grilled out, poked around downtown Logan, took a tour of Bluebird candy (that'll make you NOT want to eat any Bluebird candy), saw the Pepperidge Farm factory, went to Gosner's (with the crazy boxed flavored milk), got some ice cream, and made a stop at the old fashioned soda shoppe for an Ironport and cherry cokes, or in my case a vanilla Dr. Pepper. YUM!

Thanks Lawvers! Tomorrow.... Idaho and their scary signs and my arrival in Oregon. For now its off to bed as I try to adjust to Pacific time.

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