My Things Arrive...

So the moving truck showed up yesterday. I guess that means I should'a blogged about it yesterday, but I was exhausted by the end of the day, even though all my things fit in this tiny U-Haul. The best part was someone else drove it and unloaded it. And, they put everything right where I wanted it :-) It's the only way to go.

It was like Christmas morning... a REALLY long Christmas morning. This was especially true of the items from the kitchen because in Columbia I was renting a room in a house and kept my kitchen items stored in the garage. I really did unwrap things that I didn't remember I owned. 

I have all the boxes emptied and out of the house except one. MAJOR progress! However, while it all may be unpacked, it is definitely not put away. There are two reasons for this. The first issue is that my closet here is dramatically smaller than my closet in Columbia. That's okay because I have too many clothes and my closet is in desperate need of a purge if not a downright overhaul. 

The second issue is that I did not move my desk from Columbia. It wasn't so much a desk as two base kitchen cabinets and a Formica counter that I moved from my townhouse in Archdale, NC. It was time to retire it so when one of the movers offered to take it off my hands, I agreed. That, of course, means I need to find something new.  Insert Craigslist advertisement here! I love Craigslist. I know I know... some med student in Boston was killing people he met on Craigslist, but I have had tremendous success shopping on Craigslist. I found my Columbia casa on The List. Today, I found my new desk... (and a "project" but more to come on that later). Love it!

The best part of Craigslist is that you talk to people... and I have been in need of people to talk to.This desk was from a very nice girl (she is about my age, but married with 3 kids...that always blows me away!) who invited me to come to church with her on Sunday. She is from "back east" (Ohio) and moved here in college to play basketball for Oregon State. When she heard I was new to Corvallis, she immediately declared herself my "first friend". Of course, I have already met some great people that I am going to be working with at OSU so I am willing to call her my first non-OSU friend. Hopefully the first of many friends to come! 

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