Somewhere in the middle....

So I left Missouri this morning a little after 8:30 (*tear/smile*) and got in about 7 solid hours of driving. By my calculations...I am somewhere in the middle of the country. To be more precise, I am in Grand Island, NE enjoying the pool, some internet and not being in the car for a while. I even hope to get in some reading for fun.

Back to today's journey. I passed through Iowa....

After stopping in Council Bluffs for some lunch and gas I made it to Nebraska...

(Yes indeed, I am snapping these photos while driving.. this one on a bridge. I know "Not safe" so don't tell my momma.) I have learned, however, that I like one thing about Nebraska... the speed limit.

Well that, and the fact that agriculture is alive and well in Nebraska. And, for those who would like to live vicariously through me as I travel across the country in a Nissan Murano, this was my view all day....I-70, I-29 and then I-80 AKA... Corn Corn Corn Corn 

If you have a free moment... check out the tune by Haywood Banks. It has been in my head all day.

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