Idaho and Oregon

Idaho gets credit for the scariest signs. There were warnings for snow, high winds, deer crossings, animal migration areas, dust storms, severe storm area, ROCK, report wildfires, and areas to pull off and put chains on your tires. I had no idea that Idaho was so tough. And... I saw my first tumbleweed!

Then, on to Oregon.  I stayed on the western side Oregon when I came to interview so seeing eastern Oregon was an experience. It is pretty in its own way.

But it just kept getting prettier the further west I traveled. Gorgeous!

Once I arrived in Lebanon, I had a great dinner and a tour of the farm...complete with sheep feeding and raspberry picking. The weather still has me in awe and I slept like a rock with the windows open and temperatures in the 50's. Betsy and her dad David are letting me crash for a few days... since my stuff is somewhere between here and Missouri. Thanks for the hospitality, Hartleys!

Today was filled with the necessary evils of relocation and hiring. I signed the lease on my apartment and unloaded the stuff from my car. I then met up with Sara (our department's secretary) and she made my day by walking me from place to place on Oregon State's campus so I could get my ID card made, pick up my parking permit, meet with a benefits rep, shop for office furniture at surplus, and try out some pizza.

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