Just a quick note to let readers know I am hitting the road today. Hoping to drive out of Missouri and cross most, if not all, of Nebraska. I will try to post tonight from my hotel room.

A special thanks to Claire, Sara, Mike, Jonathon, and Heidi for a fun "last supper" at the Rome, dessert at Yogoluv, and one last episode of 'The Office' - ("That was an overreaction"). I am going to miss you all..... until you come visit!


  1. I was thinking how great that episode was and if I turn it into real life, Andy disappears for a few weeks for anger management, so until I see you again, you'll be in "Anger Management" in Oregon. :)

  2. I don't know about "Anger Management" but I definitely feel like someone enrolled me in "Patience Management" without my knowledge.