Money Money Money

The best part about not roadtrippin' anymore is that I have stopped spending $120 a day on fuel. However, the money hemorrhaging has not stopped. First, there was rent for the new apartment, then the cost of a summer parking permit and, of course, the cost of restocking my modest kitchen. That is not the end, however. While the moving truck is scheduled to arrive on Monday, there are plenty of things I do not own because I didn't need them in Columbia. In fact, when the truck arrives the only things headed for the living room are a coffee table, an end table and my TV. So seating is a problem....

I thought I would start small:  A bookcase to hold the 9 cartons of books that will be coming (and that doesn't include the books for the office). It was one of those build-it-yourself jobs.  I think it turned out well. And, today I picked up the barstool since my apartment has the little bar area.

The bookcase went so well that I got ambitious and found a small console table for $25 at Fred Meyer so I snatched it up assuming it would go as smoothly. INCORRECT ASSUMPTION! It was made in Vietnam and required much more complex tools. In fact, as good as it looks in the entryway here... the top is not technically attached and will not be until my real tools arrive on the truck.

So.. combine that lack of seating with the boredom of nothing to unpack and not officially being on the job yet and....ta da..shopping spree. Behold my first ever new furniture (ignore the hideous pillows on the couch... they will be finding a new home). The couch is great.. for sitting and napping. It is firm enough for my bad back so I love it. The chair is even better. It swivels!

On a lighter note... I STILL love the Murano and spent the afternoon babying it with an oil change and a hand-washing to remove the bug population I collected in my 3,000 mile journey. Hopefully this time it will take me a little longer than 2 weeks to require another oil change.

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