Art in the Garden

This Saturday I went to 'Art in the Garden' at Garland Nursery. What a neat little place! They had a wine tasting (and free coffee - which was much more up my alley) along with local artists and vendors. I just strolled around the garden center and snapped some photos. I need to take a class in photography! They had an amazing bonsai section! I want to take a class in that, too! (Anyone doubting that 'Learner' was my third strength in StrengthsFinder?)

It made me miss working at Homewood in college or being a "plant geek" of a teacher, and taking field trips to garden centers all over NC with plant ID teams. Good times....

I am broke and I live in an apartment...combining those two things meant my only plant purchase of the day was a $7.00 orchid (I love orchids!). Although, I almost drooled myself dehydrated over a gorgeous dissected Japanese maple. They grow so well here.. Well, everything does! I did take a business card from a local artist who shoots black and white images of Oregon. Some of his work will be hanging at my place before long. Gorgeous stuff.

I then tried out a little pasta place here in town and had the mac and cheese (just for you Annie!). It definitely wasn't The Rome :-( The search goes on....

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