The last few days have marked my first Oregon State Fair and i.am.exhausted.  SERIOUSLY EXHAUSTED. I learned a long time ago that I am a pretty intense introvert (meaning I draw my energy internally, not from interacting with others) and with days and days of introductions/ names/ places/ handshakes/ meetings, my reserves are tapped. It was all good stuff so I wouldn't trade any of it, but I definitely need a night to "recharge".

Thursday marked the first meeting with our student teachers and we have spent the days since supervising them while at the fair. I have also watched some livestock shows, visited the OSU booth, attended an FFA Alumni meeting, a FFA Board of Directors' Meeting, and a Team Ag Ed Meeting, watched the OR Livestock Judging CDE, and made it through my first awards ceremony. I have also met a ton of ag teachers and started learning the in's and out's of Oregon Ag Ed/ FFA. I am feeling more connected and hope I am on the track to becoming a useful, contributing member of the team.

In the interest of controlling the waistline, I didn't partake in a lot of the fried food that makes the fair so fabulous, but tomorrow I will begin detoxing from my daily dose of dairy goodness from the Dairy Women's Ice Cream Barn. "Regular Chocolate Cone" - I will miss you!

The Oregon State Fair SkyLift Ride
(Image from http://www.oregonlink.com/postcards/skyliftferriswheel.html)

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