It's County Fair Time

So I spent Friday night at the Benton County Fair and took in all the sights.... booths, games, rides, demos, rodeo and more. Here are some shots. I tried to be good and steer clear of the fair food. I only had a sno-cone.

They had logging competition - not something I have seen at a county fair before. These were just kids but it was neat. This was a race to climb the trees.
This was the only part of the rodeo moving slow enough to capture with my super-slow camera... the kiddie stick horse race.

I just liked this sign....
 The entire midway... it was a pretty small fair, but good. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The weather was a phenomenal 70 degrees. Perfect fair weather.... so I did the very Oregon thing and walked, yup, WALKED to the fair. It was about 2 miles... each way. It wasn't so bad going because it was 6 in the evening and all down hill... (there is a mountain back there if you look hard). Gorgeous views everywhere I look.

Coming back was a little more entertaining. It was cooler but ALL UP HILL. The rodeo ended and the concert was going ("The Guess Who" was playing). I could hear them my whole walk back. But about a mile in to the walk and up a particularly steep hill I had this vision of these nice people sitting in the living rooms with the windows thrown open, enjoying a cool summer night and listening to "These Eyes" while a 30 year old woman was walking along in the dark breathing hard. It cracked me up so much I laughed out loud. And I am sure that made them wonder even more!

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