Student Teaching Sites

We have 12 Ag Ed student teachers going out this year. They are scattered all over Oregon. We are required to visit each of them 6 times... yup 6! I have placed a blue star approximately where they are located (OSU is in Benton County - the pink one in the middle, one county in from the coast).   As you can see, I am getting ready to do some traveling in order to supervise this group.

Special "Dorkiness Indulgence Section" for any teacher education folks:

Our student teachers go out in the fall from State Fair until Fall quarter begins at OSU (August 27-September 27) and then come back to OSU for fall quarter (Sept 27-Christmas break). Our program is a master's program (they have already completed an undergraduate degree in another area) so fall quarter is when they learn about curriculum design, lesson planning, teaching methods, etc. Then they go back out to their student teaching sites for all of winter quarter (Jan-March wrapping up at State FFA Convention) to teach now that they have had some coursework. They come back to OSU for spring quarter (April-June) and complete their coursework and finish their master's degree.


  1. Wow! That sounds like a complicated system. They go out for a month, return to campus then go out again? Now do you supervise all of them for all 6 visits or do the other Ag Ed folks share the load? How far is the furthest you have to travel (time wise)? Good luck girl! I am sure it will be such fun to see the programs and the state. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of visits. We will both get a tour of our states during student teaching :)

  3. It is complicated. It feels a little weird to be sending them out in the fall to student teach for a month with no knowledge of lesson planning but I guess that creates a strong "Felt Need" for fall. There are 4 of us(sometimes we have more by calling on a retired teacher or OSU instructor)who supervise so I will not be doing all of the visits myself (but I think I am getting to do Eastern Oregon). The farthest one away is about 8 hours (according to a quick Corvallis to Joseph Google map!)