Ode to Naps

This blog is supposed to be dedicated to all the new adventures in Oregon. I have only been here for two weeks and have only had my things here for a week... so i spent this weekend settling into the casa and breaking in the new couch :-) This means my biggest adventure so far has been... weather. I know what you are thinking, but wait!

More specifically I am talking about perfect sleeping weather. In North Carolina, we get a few weeks in the spring and a few weeks in the fall when the weather is just perfect. You know: great temperatures, nice breeze, low humidity. The kind of weather where you throw the windows open and sleep like a baby. That's Oregon right now. We are hitting day time highs in the lower 80's. Since I have been here, we have only passed 90 twice. But the nights are the best because as the sun sets, the valley cools, the breezes blow (at times it gets downright windy), and nighttime temperatures are in the upper 40's to low 50's. I am off to bed :-) Of course.. .perfect sleeping weather means it is that much more difficult to get up in the morning.

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