About Me

Random thoughts that you may already know... or not. Well, now you do.

1) I do an online jigsaw puzzle pretty much everyday.
2) I have never been the one to end a serious relationship. I make life awful so they have to dump me.
3) I bite my nails and cuticles. It's an awful habit. I try quitting. Hasn't happened yet.
4) The longest I have lived in the same place (since I left for college) is 2.5 years. That is particularly odd considering my parents have not moved since 1977. So, the urge to roam is definitely not genetic.
5) I keep books I have read even though I rarely re-read any of them. I just can't part with books.
6) I completed my undergrad degree on a Coca-Cola scholarship so I am now Coke loyal. I go to a restaurant and order Coke and they say "Pepsi okay?" and the answer is "Nope... Bring me Water."
7) I still remember the phone number my parents had before their current number... we changed it in 3rd grade.I also still remember my 6th grade locker combination.
8) I hate talking on the phone - mostly because I am bad at it and I don't like to do things I am bad at doing.
9) I have always thought I would die young. In fact, I never thought I would see 30.
10) I was saved and baptized at 7 years old - yet I still feel like a novice in my faith. I learn something from every Bible study.
11) I still have a hard time figuring out why bad things happen to good people.
12) I have a thing for waterfalls.
13) I am not jealous of my friends who have kids. I am jealous of my friends' kids.. who get to hang out with my old friends.
14) A PhD is not a measure of intelligence... it is a measure of persistence.
15) I am a "change junkie". If things don't stay challenging, I hunt something new (see #4).
16) I am a mediocre athlete and have always been jealous that my sister got all of that talent.
17) I fight procrastination. It's an ongoing battle.
18) I LOVE to sleep in. I have decided I would rather develop incontinence than insomnia as I get older.
19) I am a homebody. I will almost always choose to stay in rather than go out.
20) I have been to 33 US states, plus Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
21) Favorite food is anything that comes with cheese OR peanut butter... except vegetables! Ewww.


  1. I couldn't agree more with #13, and #18 just makes me laugh!

  2. Thanks Lacey. Who wouldn't rather pee their pants if it meant sleeping a solid 8 hours?! :-)