Blogs that have me blogging

I love reading people who have more talent than me at this blogging gig.... I thought I would pass along a few of my NEW favorite bloggers by picking just one post.

I recently blogged about being an adult... now someone else blogging about adulthood... this one almost made me pee my pants.

The guy who started PostSecret is coming to OSU's campus on the 16th. I desperately want to go hear him speak.

And a new blog I am following where the author also has a bit of a love affair with the Kindle. Me, too!

And I love that the blogs on that site end like this (so I am going to try it):

Currently Feeling: Somewhat creative
Currently Anticipating: A shopping trip with Betsy this afternoon... instead of the Superbowl?!?
Currently Watching: EVERYTHING on DVR... (who watches live TV anymore?) but especially Sex and the City reruns on E!

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