What's My Elevation?

It is looking like snow in the Valley. This is the upcoming forecast:

The interesting part for me is that I have never needed to know my elevation before. See I am from the Piedmont of North Carolina. If we got snow, we all got snow. Then I moved to Missouri where I went to class in shorts and 70 degree weather and, by the time I got out of class, it was 30 degrees and snowing! (And, that seriously happened!) When it snowed, we all got snow.

I have never lived anywhere that the snow forecast included elevations. Looking at the forecast, you would think I was headed for some weather. But, tonight it is going to snow at your house... IF you house is 1000ft above sea level. Tomorrow it is going to snow IF you are 500ft or more above sea level. My house is around 270ft in elevation (Thank you GPS!) so I don't have to worry about the snow, until tomorrow night when all of the Valley should be white. It snowed last week, but only at the higher elevations. This is the way I like it. It made for some scenic views of snow-capped Cascades...while not having to drive in the stuff myself.

**Editor's Note: This post went up last night and this morning there IS snow on the ground at my house. Doh!. I guess Oregon weathermen are as accurate as NC and MO weathermen

Here's counting down to next week's Orlando trip followed by some time with the family in North Carolina.

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