New craft project

I know I just posted about my last crafting project a few weeks ago, but I actually finished it in October and have been needing something new for my creative energy.So, today I went to Jo-Ann's and got myself some fabric to start a little sewing project

I got fabric to make curtains (and a blackout lining so I can sleep in on the weekends!), pillows, and runners for those antique dressers. 

My favorite purchase of the day (because it represents the least work and the most immediate reward) was a new box for all my sewing items. Isn't it gorgeous? It has a place for pins/needles and bobbins and scissors and thread. It will make crafting a much prettier experience.

It took me a long time to decide to make this purchase because I already had something that was working... well, just okay. It was an old tool box. Seriously, the handle says popular mechanics! Not the prettiest thing. Don't Worry: It has been "repurposed" for a new task more suiting of its plastic, waterproof (and ugly) aesthetic.

I got started right away with cutting. The first output was the smallest of the projects.. .an accent pillow. Cute!

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