More About Me

This is an addendum to an earlier post. After I posted, I thought of more :-)

22) I read magazines from the back to the front.
23) I am a sensitive person. And people are surprised by that. And that always surprises me.
24) I cannot dive. I never learned. It seems counterintuitive to jump into the water head first.
25) I only had 3 wisdom teeth, not 4. Now I have none :-)
26) This one could be considered a survival tip: I get very HANGRY (hungry + angry = Hangry) if I am not fed. If I look like I am about to rip your head off, feed me a cookie. In fact, if we spend a lot of time together, you should always have a cookie!
27) I am sarcastic.
28) I want to win the lottery. But I never buy a ticket.
29) I am teaching myself to play the mandolin, but it is a slow process. I am not sure the right side of my brain works :-) (If you aren't sure what I am talking about or you just wanna find out which side of your brain you use - try this site. I had 18 left brained answers and 0 right brained answers. Hmmmm)
30) I cannot sleep if the closet door is open. I don't know... it's a thing.
31) When I have had an alcoholic beverage, two things happen: 1) the honesty quotient goes way up and 2) the Southern accent gets stronger.
32) I am clumsy and usually have at least one bruise on me at all times.
33) My idea of a perfect vacation involves warm temperatures and sun (but me in the shade!), water nearby (pool or ocean or river - doesn't matter) and lots of stuff to read. It should also include sleeping in, coffee and dessert.
34) I don't notice other people. I am in my own head a lot and don't notice who is walking by or driving past. I don't notice when I am being "checked out". I don't even notice sometimes when people have started talking to me.
35) I am a complete introvert (Wanna find out what you are). I get exhausted talking to people and recharge by being alone.
36) . I love dark chocolate.

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