A Little Slice of American Pie

I was driving through Corvallis yesterday when Don McLean's American Pie came on the radio. I love this song.  I know this song is older than I am (released in 1971), yet it is one of those songs that speaks to my childhood. My dad liked this song. And, we are talking about the days before everyone had their favorites downloaded to mp3 players, loaded into playlists, and at the ready when the mood struck. We would just be surprised that it shuffled on the car radio. And, then you had to wait and see if it was the full 7 minute version or the more "radio friendly" 3 verse version. Pure bliss when you would hear those elusive verses.

And, of course, it always conjures up the trip to the White Lake FFA Center where we played it (on a cassette tape) over and over and over and over. Those were good times!

Think you know all the words to the full length version: Play the game here and test your lyrical knowledge.

Or just enjoy the tune (the long version!):

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